Today I’ve got a problem with an user’s phone (Android), the phone was unable to sync with Microsoft Exchange 2013. Curiously, only the inbox was not syncing. All other folders were working fine.

Checking into event logs I’ve found one error related to the sync problem.

After a research and the normal troubleshoot was done we decide to do the following

1. Remove the mobile partnership linked to the Mailbox, run the following command (replace the useralias with the alias of the username)

2. Run the following command to delete the phone from the user profile

The command executed without errors. So far things behaved as expected, but when I get mobile partnerships again, I get the same partnership as if it had never been deleted.

After walking in circles I’ve tried a long shoot. Seems that something was corrupted. Let’s check the user mailbox.

Bingo. After the mailbox repair the mobile partnership remove worked fine. Reconfigured the device and everything is working again.