Have you ever wished you could enter your UTS modem but did not know the credentials?

Here we will provide you some passwords that you could use if you want to login into your modem (for change the Wi-Fi password, forward a specific port or any other task you wish to perform)

UTS/ONENET ADSL Modem Credenciales

1. First you have to get the Router’s IP Address, click here if you dont know how to get it.

2. When you get the IP Address, open a Internet Brouwer (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc), enter the IP address that you previously wrote it and try one of the following combinatios.

  • Username:admin | Password: admin
  • Username:admin | Password: 01$uts$01
  • Username:admin | Password: 02$uts$02
  • Username:admin | Password: stu010199
  • Username:admin | Password: $administrator$
  • Username:admin | Password: 01$administrator$01

For the white and black Comtrend VDSL modem you can try…

  • Username:root | Password:  01$uts$01 or 12345

Other usernames and passwords:

  • Username: support |Password: support

HG658c Huawei router

  • Username: user|Password: 4utsUser